Thursday, December 15, 2011

XenServer - Cannot Shut VM

Have you ever experienced  a situation where you could not shut one of your running XenServer running VM's?   In this brief article I'll present a workaround for this common problem...  From my personal experiences this problem is often caused when the domain of the specific VM is still active (this often happens as a result of inproper shutdown and/or storage cutoffs) - in such case the domain needs to be destroyed manually.  OK, so here's the problem - from the XenServer (v 5.6 SP1) dom0 CLI I'm trying to shut a VM (using the force option): #xe vm-reset-powerstate vm=xxxxxxx force=true
However the output I get is:  The operation could not be performed because a domain still exists for the specified VM.
vm: f087dxxxxx (xxxxxx)
domid: 5
  From the output we will need  two parameters :the domain id (5 in our case) and the UUID of the problematic VM , so write them down somewhere. Now we need to destroy the currently active domain, XenServer includes couple of good tools under /opt/xensource, the command that is relevant is:   #/opt/xensource/debug/destroy_domain -domid 5  Now, finally, we will be able shut the VM with:  #xe vm-reboot uuid=XXXX --force  And we're done.  Hope that helped some one out there. Cheers!


Fabio said...

Thank's, great and simple post, but why is happend, say know? thank you again!!!

Jason said...

Thanks, that was great.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant, thanks for taking the time to post.