Wednesday, March 10, 2010

NetApp - The Ultra Small Survival Guide

sysconfig -a (displays all filer info)
fcadmin device_map (displays shelf info)
storage show disk –p (displays disk info)
sysconfig -r (displays disks info + rebuild progress)
ifconfig -a (displays network configuration info)
ifstat (displays network interface statistics)
netstat (displays network statistics)
dns info (displays DNS config)
nis info (displays NIS config)
quota report (displays quota usages)
vol status (displays volume status)
snap list (displays all snapshots on the volumes)
version (displays "Ontap" OS version)
uptime (shows uptime of the filer)

quota on/off (disable/enable quota for qtree)
quota resize (executed for quota changes to take place)
exportfs -a (exports everything in /etc/exports )
wrfile/rdfile (read write to system files)
vol create/destroy/online/offline (volume manipulations)
cifs setup/shares/access (cifs configurations)
lun create/map (lun configurations)

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